A Little History……..

It all began at a Fire Prevention meeting in Baton Rouge, La on April 23, 1957. A small group of firemen got together and discussed the possibility of forming an organization consisting of Fire Prevention Bureaus throughout the state, for the purpose of education and reducing the number of arson fires in Louisiana. At this meeting, two temporary fire officers were appointed and tasked with notifying all of the fire departments across the state and coordination a joint meeting with the Louisiana State Firemen’s Association to discuss their intent and purpose of such an organization. As a result of the correspondence mailed to the departments across the state, the founding fathers received a great response of interest from the vast majority of departments statewide. In June of 1957, the first official meeting was called to order. The group stated the purpose of the organization was being that of advancing Fire Prevention in the state by assisting each other and was opened to anyone charged with the responsibility of Fire Prevention, Fire Protection or Fire Investigation. At this meeting they voted to select a name for the organization, “The Louisiana Arson and Fire Prevention Association.”

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President-Terry Hayes

Vice-President– Frank E. Domma

Secretary-Treasurer– E.M. Tipton